Jesse Hassell


Industry Skills:

July 2002 - Sept 2009
- Company Admin Clerk
- Server Administration
- Battalion Data Chief
Liquid Web:
Nov 2010 - Feb 2017
- Technical Sales
- Linux Server Administration
- Windows Server administration
- Technical Skills Developmental Mentor
- Systems Monitoring and Data Center Response
- Internal Tool Development
Communication Skills:
- Convery complex concepts in commonly understood analogies
- Data Driven
- Detail Oriented
- Online business planning
- Strong Verbal Communication Skills
- Strong Written Communication Skills



Ability to Adapt
Attention to Detail
Critical Thinking
Project Planning
Self Motivated
Works Well:
  • In Teams
  • Or Alone
  • Technologies:

    Server Administration
    • Younger Years

      1983 - 2002

      While attending Highschool I took my first step into my computer career by enrolling in courses at the local community college for Computer Aided Drafting (AutoCAD).

      The idea of using mathmatics and commands to generate an image or object ignited my passion for Computer Science.

    • Marine Corps

      2002 - 2009

      While serving, I learned a number of life lessons; most notably inter-personal skills. Taking charge in times of strife, maintaining mission objectives under extreme circumstances, and critical thinking are among the many capabilities I was able to hone during this time.

      I indulged in my fascination with computers at each engagement I could, regardless of my current job field I found myself frequently assisting others with a computer-related issues or questions. My first job responsibilities with computer work came while I was working as an MP (Military Police), my supervisor had asked that each night I write up all the nights events to send out to every unit on the base. With so many people viewing the product of my creations each day, and the nature of the document I was creating it required accuracy and professionalism above all else.

      From there I was moved into the company office to fix issues with data storage, filing systems, tracking and analytics of all Marines within my company. This lead me to the end of my first enlistment.

      Now having the opportunity to change job duties (officially) with a reenlistment ensentive I moved into a secured server room working a data-center level technical job that serviced the entire eastern coast and sea-board.

      Due to my high proficiency and conduct rating against my peers I was requested to fill a Data Chief billet, this position was meant to be filled by a Marine 3 pay grades above my own. I took this opportunity to develop project management, inventory and end-user unit management where I received commedations for my efforts.

    • We can Rebuild

      2009 - 2010

      After returning home, I felt an urge to better utilize my time and with my interest in computer sciences and technologies I felt it was time to further these studies.

      I took some classes through a Vocational Rehabilitation Program, but found that structured academia didn't suite my current needs or state of mind. However, I met a few people who spoke of a data-center near me hiring for server administrators and technical sales members.

    • Liquid Web

      2010 - 2017

      My time at Liquid Web was one filled with learning experiences, a wide range of technologies and practices, and growing pains.

      Originally hired in for technical sales, I found myself eager to move towards the support teams as they presented a greater opportunity to learn.

      Shortly after transfering to the server administration teams, I became the go-to guy for answering questions for other techs. This presented me with an opportunity to create an internal department to help facilitate professional development within our staff to reduce customer complaints by 46% in the first 6 months.

      After a few years of building my idea of a coach/mentor into a full department spanning the entire company, I began to look to further my personal skillset by moving up to our Enterprise Support Teams.

      Much of my work up until this point had been Linux-based, specifically CentOS/Ubuntu; this moved required me to expand to Windows server administration. Now devling into multiple versions of Linux and Windows, load-balancing technologies across multiple platforms and much more I found myself facinated and enthralled with these large-scale environments.

      A supervisor and friend asked me to move to our Monitoring to help with staff knowledge and boost moral and training for my peers. In this time I realized that the workload was coming in faster than the employees could keep up, and felt that much of our workflow was inefficient and cumbersome.

      I developed a team specific web-application that interacted with internal API's, which unified application interfaces and reduced the number of clicks/page loads to increase the departments efficient and productivity.

    • What's Next?

      My own ambitions have lead me into web application development, and with the direction of the technology world it feels very evident to me that all business are going this route. Modulation, accessibility, and productivity are all key points to business models and programming models.

      I am looking to work with new technologies, leading techniques, and analytical minds to create something innovative with a great user-experience.